Whipped cream for a baker has been the foremost ingredient of all! Having said that, not everything is a piece of cake when it comes to baking! Sometimes, our sincere attempts to use whipped cream in a creative way fail and go down like a lead balloon. However, there are many possibilities to turn them into good account. Rich’s is here to help you to cover up your whipped cream fails! We present you 10 Whipped Cream Tips which will help you whip it better!


Whipped Cream Tips:

1)Whip up more than three times its volume in minutes. This whipped cream tips makes it cost effective and easier to store than dairy products.
2)The whipped cream can be combined with virtually any flavour, colour or ingredient (including citrus), and won’t break down or curdle
3) The higher the butterfat content, the less beating is required to get whipped cream. An important whipped cream to be kept in mind.
4) Many a time adding sweeteners, such as sugar or maple syrup, or other flavourings helps to maximize the volume of whipped cream. Especially when it’s almost completely whipped rather than at the beginning when it’s still liquid.
5)Made too much of whipped cream? No problem! Here is the whipped cream tips: Freeze the leftovers by spooning it onto a wax paper-lined baking sheet, then transfer the dollops to a freezer bag. And you can use the whipped cream anytime you want.
6) If you haven’t whipped the cream into butter yet, you can quickly fix it by whisking in a little more cream and everything will be back to square one!
7) For an over-whip whipped cream fail, no need to panic at all! Add a splash of fresh, un-whipped cream to the curdled parts and fold it in with a rubber spatula. Continue doing it until the whipped cream mixture smooths out.