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Sweetmate can be used in making various milk and cream based Western desserts. It replaces condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream.

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Walnut pudding


  • 10 People


  • Egg white= 10nos
  • Sugar= 100gms
  • Egg yolks= 10nos
  • White butter= 75gms
  • Rich’s Sweetmate 80gms
  • Rich’s Premium Choco dark = 100gms
  • Bread crumbs= 100gms
  • Walnut= 100gms
  • Rich’s Sweetmate 100gms
  • Rich’s New Niagara Farms 10gms


  • Beat egg white & sugar until peak consistency
  • Beat egg yolk & fold into egg white mixture
  • Melt white butter & chocolate together & add to the egg mixture
  • Fold in bread crumbs & Rich’s Sweet Mate.
  • Grease baking moulds with butter
  • Pour mixture in baking moulds & bake at 200C on water bath for 35mins
  • Remove from oven & soak each walnut pudding in 100gms of Rich’s Sweetmate
  • Keep all pudding inside refrigerator for at least 2hrs before serving
  • Serve cold with whipped Rich’s New Niagara Farms