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Bettercreme is a unique non-dairy product with a heavy mouth feel and good stability. It’s ideal for making colourful and robust cake decorations in bakery preparations.

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TMT (Tangy Mango Tart)


  • 8 People


  • Medium Baked Tart Dish 8nos
  • Fresh Mangoes 4nos
  • Rich’s Better Crème 800gm
  • Tabasco sauce 50ml
  • Rich’s Cremagic 100gm
  • Rich’s Premium Choco White 100gm
  • Rich’s Nugel 50gm


  • Whip Rich’s Better Crème until peak consistency & reserve inside the refrigerator.
  • Wash & rinse mangoes & peel, chop 1 mango & cut wedges of remaining mangoes& reserve.
  • In a medium pan boil Rich’s Cremagic & tabasco sauce & pour over chopped Rich’s Premium Choco white, mix until choco melts completely & strain through fine sieve.
  • Cool down the ganache until set.
  • Pipe prepared ganache in the tart dish & sprinkle chopped mangoes over ganache.
  • Fill whipped Rich’s Better crème in the piping bag & make small rosette in baked dish over chopped mangoes.
  • Apply Rich’s Nugel on mango wedges & place it on top of better crème.
  • Serve cold.