• Rich’s Nufill Strawberry Fruit Filling 250gms
  • Rich’s New Niagara Farms 1000gm
  • Rich’s Sweetmate 250gm
  • Gelatin Leaf 20gm
  • Ice Water 400ml


  • Boll Rich’s Sweetmate.
  • Soak 15gm of gelatin leaf in ice cold water.
  • Semi-whip Rich’s New Niagara Farms.
  • Squeeze out excess water from the gelatin leaf & add it to warm Rich’s Sweetmate.
  • Add Rich’s New Niagara Farms and reserve.
  • Allow mixture to cool down at mom temperature.
  • Add remaining gelatin in Rich’s Nufill Strawberry Fruit Filling, pour in mold & set
  • Pour Pannacotta mixture over jelly freeze it until set
  • De-mold & serve with fresh Strawberry.