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Bettercreme is a unique non-dairy product with a heavy mouth feel and good stability. It’s ideal for making colourful and robust cake decorations in bakery preparations.

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Strawberry Ombre


  • 8 People


  • Vanilla Sponge 8” -1no
  • Sugar syrup -150gm
  • Fresh Strawberries– 100gm
  • Rich’s Strawberry Glaze – 30gm
  • Strawberry Pulp – 30gm
  • Food Grade Edible Colour Sprinkler (Pink) as req
  • Rich’s Better Crème – 450gm


  • Whip Rich’s Better Crème until peak consistency & refrigerate for further use.
  • Cut vanilla sponge in 3 equal layers. Soak each layer with sugar syrup.
  • Rinse Fresh strawberries&roughly chop. Add Rich’s Strawberry Glaze & Fresh strawberry Pulp, mix well.
  • Apply Rich’s Better crème & sprinkle strawberry mixture between each layer of sponge.
  • Finish cake with very light coating of Rich’s Better crème making dome shape cake.
  • Divide remaining Rich’s Better Crème in 4 equal parts & add pink colour from dark to light in 3 parts of Rich’s better crème.
  • Whip Rich’s Better Crème & fold in orange crush, pipe & fill inside the Berliner.
  • Fill Rich’s better crèmein 4 different piping bag holding plain nozzle.
  • Pipe out daulop & finishing with palate knife for effect& cover entire cake
  • For best result refrigerate for 2hrs before serving
  • Cut into 8 equal pieces & serve cold