• Rich’s Nufill Strawberry Fruit Filling 500gm
  • Rich’s SweetMate 250gm
  • Rich’s Cook Right 250gm
  • Rich’s New Niagara Farms 300gm
  • Egg Yolk 150gm
  • Vanilla Pod 2nos
  • Castor Sugar 50gm
  • Fresh Strawberry 100gm


  • Whip egg yolk and sugar until it thick.
  • Soil Rich’s Sweetmate and Rich’s Cook Right; add vanilla pod.
  • Remove off the flame and mix egg yolk mixture.
  • Cook over double boiler and strain.
  • Fold in semi Whipped Rich’s New Niagara Farms.
  • Place Rich’s Nufill Strawberry Fruit Filling at bottom of serving plate and pour sauce.
  • Flash it with chefs torch and place few strawberries.
  • Serve with the scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.