• Rich’s Nufill Strawberry Fruit Filling 500gm
  • Milk Powder 40gm
  • Yeast 90gm
  • Flour 1000gm
  • Water 600gm
  • Gluten 40gm
  • Sugar 44gm
  • Butter 20gm
  • Salt 24gm
  • Butter 450gm (For Lamination)
  • Bread Improver 16gm
  • Pastry Cream 100gm


  • Sieve flour; add remaining ingredients to the flour except salt and butter.
  • Put all the ingredients inside the dough mixer except salt and butter and mix for three minutes at first speed.
  • Then add salt and hater and mix with the remaining mixture at second speed for eight minutes.
  • Takeout the dough from mixer, press the dough over a lined tray and give rest for 40 minutes.
  • After resting put dough inside deep freezer.
  • Laminate croissant dough with butter and allow it to rest for 2hrs in deep freezer. • Remove and sheet croissant dough to required thickness and apply pastry cream.
  • Cut croissant dough and place 50gm of Rich’s Nufill Strawberry Fruit Filling at the broad end.
  • Roll croissant and leave for fermentation.
  • Bake at 220C for 15mins, reduce the temperature and Allow it to bake for few more mins.
  • Serve warm.