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Cream Horns


  • 20 People


  • Laminated Puff dough 500gm
  • Rich’s Better Crème 200gm
  • Castor Sugar 100gm
  • Vanilla Pod 1no


  • Pre-heat the oven at 200C .
  • Take laminated puff dough & roll out the dough at 10mm thickness.
  • Spray water & sprinkle sugar on top & fold it .
  • Rest for 30 mins in refrigerator & roll out the dough at 5mm thickness.
  • Take aluminum horns & grease properly with fat.
  • Cut strips of puff & coat it around horns.
  • Place prepared horns in a baking tray, bake for 20mins.
  • Reduce temperature to 160 C & dry puff horns for another 10mins.
  • Remove & allow cooling of puff horns.
  • In a whipping machine, whip Rich’s Better Crème & add vanilla pod.
  • Fill Rich’s Better Crème in star nozzle piping bag & pipe inside the puff horns.
  • Serve cold.