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Bettercreme is a unique non-dairy product with a heavy mouth feel and good stability. It’s ideal for making colourful and robust cake decorations in bakery preparations.

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Choco Vanilla St.Honore Tart


  • 8 People


  • Vanilla baked tart dish 8nos
  • Rich’s Better Crème 500gm
  • Profiteroles 24nos
  • For Truffle
  • Rich’s Cremagic 100gm
  • Rich’s Premium Choco dark 120gm


  • Whip Rich’s Better crème & keep inside the refrigerator for further use.
  • In a medium pan boil Rich’s Cremagic & pour boiling cremagic over chopped Rich’s premium choco dark. Mix until Choco is melted completely.
  • Strain through fine sieve & allow truffle to set(.approx. 2 minutes).
  • Take profiteroles & make cavity from bottom .
  • Pipe chocolate truffle in profiteroles & keep inside the refrigerator.
  • Take vanilla tart & pipe remaining chocolate truffle & keep tarts inside the refrigerator for 15mins.
  • Fill whipped better crème in a piping bag with star nozzle & pipe rosette on chocolate truffle tart.
  • Place profiterole on tart as garnish & serve cold.