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Bettercreme is a unique non-dairy product with a heavy mouth feel and good stability. It’s ideal for making colourful and robust cake decorations in bakery preparations.

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  • 24 People


  • Better Crème 500gm
  • For Choux
  • Flour 300gm
  • Sugar 5gm
  • Salt 5gm
  • Rich’s Cremagic 250gm
  • Water 250gm
  • Butter 200gm
  • Eggs 500gm


  • In a medium pan boil together water, Rich’s cremagic, butter, sugar & salt.
  • Bringthat mix to the boil add the sieved flour and dry it out for one minute
  • Put prepared mixture in the mixing boil, cool it down for 2 minutes then start adding the eggs slowly
  • Check for the consistency &pipe the mixture in the disposable cup cake moulds, now & bake at 200C for 12mins, then reduce the temperature to 160 & further bake for another 10mins or until golden crust is formed.
  • Once baked dry it out in the dryer
  • Divide puff buns in 2 parts from centre & allow to rest for few hours or until cools down completely.
  • Whip Rich’s Better Crème until firm, using star nozzle pipe Rich’s Better crème on the base& place top crust.
  • Serve cold