RICHS introduced Believe Lacrosse to encourage underprivileged children, October 14th 2012, Pune, India

RICHS Better our Communities may have different approaches but the objective is to make the surrounding worth living. RICHS organised ‘Believe Lacrosse’ – A charity event to learn and organize the basics of Lacrosse (an international game which is mainly played in the United States and Canada) for underprivileged children from St John’s Mission Boys Hostel, Pune
Children were encouraged to take part in this exciting one-of-kind opportunity as they got an opportunity to learn Lacrosse. The event saw the presence of Mr. Barnaby Rich, son of Mr. Bob Rich, Jr Chairman – Rich Products Corporations, USA
There were two teams, Team A and Team B. Team A scored by shooting the ball into Team B’s goal, using the lacrosse stick to catch, carry and pass the ball. Defensively, Team B kept Team A from scoring and disposed them of the ball through the use of stick.
All the children had received a complimentary lacrosse stick and other merchandise from Rich Graviss – including T-shirts, caps and bags, followed by lunch. Rich Graviss has brought the game, Lacrosse in India, thus encouraged children to be active and imbibed the quality of team spirit within them.