Rich Graviss organised a karaoke night for Senior Citizens, 1 st June, 2013, Pune, India


Rich Graviss Products Pvt Ltd organised a Karaoke night for senior citizens of Sant Baba Moni Saheb Vriddh Ashram, Pune on June 1st, 2013 to make senior citizens feel loved, wanted and special. The event was held to tackle loneliness which is a pressing issue among older people because of the changes that occur in their lives.


Along with Rich’s associates, 20 Senior Citizens sang their favourite songs ranging from hit Bollywood numbers to classical music, leaving Rich’s associates spellbound.



After the performance, the floor was opened to all the senior citizens who continued to make it an enjoyable evening with Shayaris and Poems beautifully articulated by them.


It was a relaxed evening where the associates focused on hitting the right note. Even though everyone was not great but they were sport enough to even agree to sing not just one but two songs each. It was an amicable evening spent with the young at hearts, followed by dinner.