CEOs Sing for their supper, India


Pankaj Chaturvedi (first from right), Executive Director & CEO, Rich Graviss Products Pvt Ltd (RGPPL) has been very active in giving back to the community. He has been a part of the Genesis Foundation, an NGO which raises funds for medical care of underprivileged children who are critically ill. This year the Genesis Foundation organised ‘CEO singers give GF kids a chance to live’ in Mumbai where Pankaj participated.


Pankaj set the tone for the evening with his deep voice rendering soulful Hindi movie songs and other enthusiastic CEOs captivated the audience by singing their favourite songs. Pankaj took this as a platform to devote time and talent for the enjoyment of the children. Pankaj has been a part of the Genesis Foundation since 2011 and continue to support them to make a difference in the lives of people who need love and compassion.


The evening saw eight corporate big-wigs from different fields sing at the unique fundraiser. Taking a break form their hectic schedule, eight head honchos from the corporate world indulged in singing to bring change in the lives of the children at a charity event. Pankaj had other CEO’s join him in their solo performance. These high fliers reached deep into their pockets to support a cause. It was a relaxed evening, where CEOs shed their formal jackets and put aside the usual target of numbers for each quarter while focusing on hitting the right note.