Premium Choco


Rich’s Premium Choco is a range of premium chocolate, madefrom the finest cocoa beans sourced from Ghana & Malaysia. Available in Dark, Milk and White, RICH’S Premium Choco is great for making all kinds of desserts, chocolates and cakes. And just like every quality product that we bring you, RICH’S Premium Choco is made with strict adherence to quality norms, assuring you of a superior & consistent product every time you open a pack.

Product Applications :

  • Taste: Refined and smooth chocolate notes.
  • Shine: Excellent shine even after melting, which imparts a perfect finish to your truffle, moulded chocolate and garnishes.
  • Setting:Sets quickly and efficiently.
  • Melt Profile: Best in category performance allowing you to plan your production quickly and efficiently.
  • Colour: Rich & dark.

Product Applications


  • Chocolate truffle icing
  • Moulded chocolates
  • Chocolate-based desserts
  • Garnishes
  • Chocolate cakes
  • Mousse cakes
  • Cheesecakes
  • Fondues and so much more!


Handling Instructions:

  • Store in a cool, hygienic and dry place.
  • 200C and 55% Relative Humidity.
  • Ensure seal is intact before use. If content is used partly, store in closed conditions.

Shelf Life:

  • Use within 12 months from manufacture.


  • Available in pack sizes of 500 gms.


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