Whip Topping Gold



    • Superb dairy taste with a rich mouth feel and pleasant after-taste.
    • Imparts excellent shine, finish and flavor to cakes and desserts.
    • Outstanding stability. Resists wilting and weeping.
  • Higher over-run.
  • Readily accepts all colors and flavors.

Product Applications

    • Premium whip topping with delicious taste of a dairy cream.
    • Superior performance parameters.
    • Outstanding stability: Holds in displays under refrigeration. No re-whipping and reapplying required.
    • Imparts excellent shine, finish and flavor to cakes and desserts.
  • Superior Yield: Whips up to more than three times its volume making it cost-effective to use.
  • Ideal for topping and icing, as an ingredient or as a filling for desserts.




Handling Instructions:

  • Arrives frozen. Store at -18°C or below.
  • Thaw under refrigeration (+2°C and +7°C) for 24-36 hours before use.
  • Keep refrigerated after thawing.
  • Never refreeze unwhipped product. Keep unwhipped product refrigerated when not in use.
  • Shake container well before opening.
  • Pour into a chilled bowl (should not exceed 20% of bowl capacity).
  • Whip at medium speed until soft peaks form & gloss disappears. Ideal whipping temperature for product is +7°C to +10°C.
  • Whipped product must be stored under refrigeration and can even be frozen.
  • If desired, add additional color, flavor or sweetening agent during whipping.

Shelf Life:

  • Unopened: Frozen shelf life (at -18°C or below) – 12 months
  • Thawed and unopened: Refrigerated shelf life (at +4°C to +7°C) – 2 weeks
  • Opened and unwhipped: Refrigerated shelf life (at +4°C to +7°C) – 5 days
  • Whipped: Refrigerated shelf life (at +°CC to +7°C) – 3 days


  • Unit Weight : 2 kg
  • Case Count : 6 units
  • Case Weight: 12 kg






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