Rich’s Nugel



  • Improves the shelf life if cut fruits used for dessert decoration.
  • Gives a fresh, exotic look to desserts, with an added shiny appearance.
  • Comes in a ready-to-use pack. No processing required.
  • Neutral colour. Can be coloured and/or flavoured and used.

Product Applications

  • Ideal for sweet products in Bakery and Food Service.
  • Works well as a decoration for fruit-based cakes and desserts.
  • Perfect for glazing croissants, sweet buns, muffins, pies etc. 



Handling Instructions:

  • Mix well before use.

Shelf Life:

  • Best before 6 months from manufacture.


Unit Weight : 1 Kg & 2.5 Kg
Case Count : 1 Kg : 9 in one case & 2.5 Kg: 6 in one case






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