Cooking Rich


  • Rich in taste, similar to dairy cream.
  • High quality product that makes gravies and sauces thicker, creamier and tastier.
  • Easily blends with other ingredients and enhances the taste of desserts too.
  • Excellent heat stability. Does not split or spoil.
  • Does not curdle like dairy cream when used with acidic substances like lime juice, tomatoes, tamarind, etc.
  • Assured quality and regular supply makes it an ideal option for you around the year.
  • Convenient to use. Use it exactly like you would use your regular dairy cream.

Product Applications:

      • Dals
      • Gravies
      • Curries
      • Kebabs
      • Shorbas etc..
      • Soups 
    • Sauces
    • Dips
    • Quiches
    • Pies and
    • Other Baked Dishes



Handling Instructions:

Arrives frozen. Store at -18°C or below.

  • Thaw in refrigerator before use
  • Shake well before use
  • Unused product should be kept refrigerated or frozen

Shelf Life:

  • Unopened: Frozen shelf life (at -18°C or below): 12 months
  • Unopened: Refrigerated shelf life (at +4°C to +7°C): 5 days
  • Opened: Refrigerated shelf life (at +4°C to +7°C): 3 days


  • Unit Weight: 1 kg
  • Case Count: 12 units in one case






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